A Letter To The "Fat" Girl

Dear Body,

I’m so sorry for the way I have treated you. I’m sorry for the way I have talked to you with such disgust and criticism. I am sorry for all the times I called you a failure, worthless, fat, and lazy. For all the days I poked and prodded at the excess skin you had. For all the days that I thought you were nothing.

I’m so sorry.

I hope you can find the courage to believe that you are none of those things. That you are not a failure and you don’t lack dedication or willpower.

I hope you can find the courage to not only know but to believe that you are more than what you appear on the outside. That you are a beautiful soul no matter how much you weigh or how much muscle you do or don’t have. Even when your hair is greasy and a mess, when you have no make up on, and all you feel comfortable wearing are sweats and a t-shirt. You need to know that even on those days you are still more beautiful than you were ever told or thought.

I want you to know that you are so loved by every single person around you. When you walk in a room people notice way more than just the way you look. They notice the way you smile at every person you encounter, the sweet words you speak to strangers and friends alike, and the genuine person they all can see you are. Your beauty is in the way you laugh so hard your belly hurts, when you make special treats for those you love, and how much you love Jesus. It is in the way you love to crack lame jokes, be goofy, and not take anything toooo seriously (okay, sometimes ;) ). You encourage and inspire those around you with your passion, excitement for life, and your dedication to everything you conspire to.

That is what people see in you. They see a genuine, innocent sweetness. They see Jesus. They see YOU.

You are way more valuable than just the amount of space and matter you take up in a room.

I want you to know that I cherish you and am working on loving and caring for you better. Please have patience and grace for me as I learn to be kinder to you.

When I am trying to convince you of negative things I hope your heart remembers all these things and pushes away all I try to convince you.

All My love,

Your Mind