Overcoming Insecurities: PART II


Hello Beautiful People!

I hope you all are having an incredible January, that you are pursuing the goals you set for yourself this year, and you are simply loving life!

I sure am and I am so extremely grateful to have you here, especially since we are back now for Part II of Overcoming Insecurities.

In Part 1, I ended by asking you a few questions (if you haven’t read it, click HERE to get caught up!). My hope in asking them was to prompt your mind into bringing a few of your own insecurities to the surface. I believe there is something incredibly rectifying when you can connect your experiences, your story, and/or your choices with those of other’s.

In that regard, I want you to think about a time in your life where you were around a person or group of people who found joy in making fun of others. I don’t mean the playful, harmless, sarcasm that you shoot your friends. I am talking about the soul-crushing, heart-stabbing, cruel jokes that are taken more seriously than a joke. Now imagine those people or that person aiming every “joke” at you. Making fun of the way you laugh, judging the hobbies you enjoy, (“guys who dance are feminine” … ‘girls can’t shoot guns” …blah blah blah), or pointing out that you have a big nose, nerdy style, or gigantic feet. Have you ever been in a situation like that? How did it make you feel? Did you want to run and hide? Were you now extremely self-aware and conscious of that attribute you weren’t at all before? Did you want to get those people back and hurt them just as much as they hurt you?

If you’re anything like me, or just a human in general, you probably answered yes. Being made as the human beings we are, we are built for community and connection, but when we are made to feel isolated, pointed out, and then laughed at we most definitely either want to run and lock ourselves in a 60 foot hole where no one will ever be able to make us feel that way again or we want to hurt them back just as much as they hurt us, if not more. Understandably so. After all of that, though, we eventually begin to ponder and consider what we heard. We play it over and over in our heads, “Your voice is annoying, you’ve made too many mistakes, you’re too tall, too weird, too vulnerable, too happy, too dedicated, too lazy”. Yet, even though we know they probably aren’t true we still wonder, “what if they are?”

It makes my heart so sad, especially since coming into the “real” world where I have discovered just how much brokenness there really is. I can’t tell you how many people I have interacted with or come across who are so utterly mean and don’t give a rat’s butt about how what they are saying is effecting the people around them. Though, you know what I think is even more heartbreaking than the words coming out of their mouth? The fact that they are only saying and treating others that way because they don’t feel content, fulfilled, or happy with themselves. They are hurting so bad inside that they feel like they need to take it out on others. That is what breaks my heart the most.

I have good news though!

Even with all the brokenness in this world, there is hope! I believe that knowing Satan is behind it all gives us so much hope, because we know who is behind all of those cruel judgments, all the hurts, pains, and everything in our lives that is broken. Then, when he takes those people who don’t know Jesus or don’t understand how to love people and uses them to sneak lies into our minds to try and stop us from fulfilling the incredible plans God has for our lives, we can step back and know that whatever comes out of their mouth it is not a reflection of us. From there it is gives us the courage and strength to be able to “forgive like Christ forgave us” (Colossians 3:13), to “live in harmony with others… [and] associate with people of low status” (Romans 12:16), and to "love like he loved us” (John 15:12).

So, what if instead of lashing out or wanting justice on those people who hurt us, we gave them grace and showed them patience and love? What if instead of being mean and brash back, we were kind and thanked them for pointing out that wonderful attribute we possess?

I imagine that you may have been expecting an outlined and numbered list of how to overcome insecurities on your own, but what I wanted to get across today, is that insecurities are only a symptom of a bigger issue. The lack of confidence comes with believing the lies of the enemy, so what if instead of battling the lie, we battled the one who is responsible for the lie. What if instead of running from those around us, we began to love them knowing that they are hurting just as much as we are, and then stood shoulder to shoulder to battle the one truly responsible. That is when I believe we will truly, fully heal from our insecurities and lack of confidence.

So today I want you to see where you can choose to encourage someone instead of bashing them; where you can have patience when all you want to do is blow up; where you can love those around you just as you want to be loved; and where you can choose to honor those who haven’t earned your respect. All in knowing that those people are the ones who need the most love, grace, patience, and encouragement.