A New "There"

Hello Everybody!

Before I get to the topic of today’s post, I want to let you all know that I will be getting my posts up at least one Sunday a month. I’m going to try for multiple Sundays a month, but life is unpredictable so a commitment to just one will have to do. :D

I want to jump into today’s post by saying that life will throw things at you no matter where you are at in life. No matter if you are in your 20’s and feel like you have nothing going for you or if you are in your 40’s and have everything you dreamed of having and doing with your life. Or vise-versa. Plans change and difficulties will arise.

Now hold on cause I know what you are probably thinking, “duh… we all know that..”, right?

Well of course. The course may change but the destination doesn’t always. Generally, if you are set on the goal you will reach that goal whether it’s finishing school, finally living in your dream town, or getting that dream job. When it does, I imagine you are grateful, joyful, and believe life will get better.

But… what about long term?

You enjoy that new life change for a little while and then try and move on to the next thing that will make life easier, bring you more happiness, or give you purpose. Am I right? Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with striving to be better, do better, and have better, but often you (and I) forget that where you are today is what you prayed for, worked for, and longed for in your previous season.

Think about it… The last season you were in you couldn’t stop thinking about getting out of your hometown cause then things would get better or getting that job over there that paid better and would fix your problems. I imagine you prayed hard, worked your butt off, and made sacrifices to make it “there”. And you got it.

You are “here” in that place right now. Whatever it was you prayed for and worked for you have right now. So let me ask you… Are you any happier? Is your life free from struggles and hardships? I can’t answer for you but I can definitely tell you that my answer is no. Personally, my life got much much harder when I finally got the things I prayed for. I struggled in ways I never had before or imagined that I could moving 800 miles away from all the support I had.

Then, you know what happened next? I couldn’t wait to get out of where I am and on to the next season. Where I had a job I could work from anywhere, where I could travel and not be bound to one town, where I was not living in the place I once prayed so hard to be in. THEN life would settle down and I would be happy and not so stressed. Once I got to my new “there” place.

Like I said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be better, BUT when you forget that you are HERE in the once “THERE” place you are never going to be truly happy or learn the lessons God wants you to learn in this time.

My point is that joy is not a destination. Gratitude does not come with a new toy, a person, or getting to your ‘there’ place. It comes when you make a choice to be grateful and joyful right now remembering that you prayed for a long time to be “here”.

So be joyful and grateful that you are where you wanted to be one, two, three years ago. Be grateful for new experiences and difficulties, because it means you are growing and learning. There will always be another “there” to get to, but once the “here” is gone you can never get it back.

Ecclesiastes 6:9 (NLT) “Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have. Just dreaming about nice things is meaningless—like chasing the wind.”