Just A Coincidence

With starting this page, my goal is to be as open and authentic as I possibly can with you guys so this week I wanted to share a short story about my life.

As most of you know from my recent post, moving 800 miles away from home has been no easy thing. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, click HERE to check it out!) It has been a constant whirlwind of broken down vehicles, spurts of homelessness, and having a physically, mentally, and an emotionally draining job that made dealing with other life aspects exponentially more difficult. After eight months of this, my body physically just couldn't take it anymore. I didn't know where to go or what my next steps were all I knew was that something needed to change, because if something didn’t I wasn’t going to survive much longer, or so it felt.

The following week I decided my first step was to find a new job. One with regular hours, less physically demanding, and would give me holidays and weekends. Not long after making that decision, I found an amazing job to which I immediately sent in my paperwork. It was higher pay, more laid back, and I would have holidays and weekends off. I was so excited about it other than the fact that it was twenty minutes away in a town I absolutely hated. What is life without compromise, though? Isn't that what we are all taught growing up? Taught that life isn't fair... that we can't have everything we want... that things aren't going to go exactly the way we think they will...

With this thought in mind, the following day I received a phone call from a local number I didn't recognize. There was no voicemail left, simply a missed call. I looked the number up online and it came up with a business called "The Flooring Place". Immediately, I called it back thinking it was the business I put the application in. As I got transferred to three different people trying to figure out why someone would have called me, being that they hadn't received an application from me, I hung up disappointed. I got back on my computer to find the company name still pulled up, and then it clicked. "The Flooring Place" is where we had recently gotten a storage unit for Cole while he was looking for a house. I called back to let them know the great epiphany I had just had and to straighten everything out.

After all of that craziness, the gal on the phone said they had a couple positions open I could apply to if I wanted. Long story short, I sent in my paperwork, stopped by a couple hours later and was offered the job. A job that paid three dollars more an hour, gave me benefits, holidays, and weekends off, and was only seven minutes from my house. It checked off every single box I had made for a new job plus some, and the only compromising I had to do was have a few more benefits added to my list.

The cool thing about the entire story is that it didn’t simply start when I got the phone call or applied to the first job. It started way back in July after my boyfriend was told he had to be out of his house in ten days and had nowhere to go. It goes back to calling every single storage unit complex in Bozeman and finding one unit left at the last business on my list to call. Finally, all the way down to the lady at The Storage Place accidentally calling my number instead of Cole’s and not hanging up quick enough. There are so many perfectly ordained details that went into creating the final outcome; too many to say that it simply happened by chance.

I wanted to tell this story because it is all about how a few “coincidences” led to a completely new direction and season for my life. Most would listen to this story and say, “Oh, that’s just good luck, karma, or that I just happened to be in the right place at the right time”. Well, yes that is all true, but for something like that job falling into my lap in the manner it did, there has to be something bigger or someone higher to have ordained something so perfect.

These are the kind of scenarios that help to renew my faith in God. I know that he is all about the details and the little things, but sometimes I get so caught up in other events going on in my life that I find it very difficult to find God in them. I think that is how He works in all of our lives, though. When we are going through a dark winter where everything is excruciatingly difficult, where we begin to lose faith and hope and feel like the season is never going to end that’s where God is building and molding and shaping us into who he created us to be. He wants us to trust him, seek him, and hold to what we know is true about who he is. Even when we feel like he isn’t there or that he is causing all this bad stuff to happen. I believe it is so important to remember that God is loving, merciful, gracious, and faithful. He is the same yesterday today, and tomorrow; He fulfills all of his promises; He is the rock on which we stand; He is just; He won’t abandon us or tell us that He needs a break from us; He goes before us into the battle but also stands with us; He is an all-powerful, unchanging, loving God. I had absolutely no idea what He was orchestrating these last two months through all the hardships. All I could see were the difficulties and not understanding why they were happening. Feeling frustrated, angry, hopeless, and lost, I had no idea that God was using all of those difficulties to push me into a refreshing season of hope, relief, and purpose.

My goal in telling this recent episode from my life is not to brag or for attention, but to inspire hope. Hope that seasons don’t last forever, that God does fulfill his promises and hope in who God is as our father. Living in the realm of life we do there is so much hate, sorrow, pain, and trouble, but if we can hold on to just one piece of encouragement every day, then our winters will feel just a little bit warmer. If we can hold on, dig deep, and fully embrace that dark season, we will come into spring renewed, revived, and full of joy.

That is my hope for each and every one of you. To find the joy in each and every day. I challenge you to find one positive aspect from today whether it is simply that you got out of bed or whether you got everything done on your to-do list.

Find just one thing.


-Kendall <3