How I saved $100 at the health store! Plus My Top 5 Money Saving Tips!

Today I am here to share with you a recent trip I took to the health food store, along with my top 5 money saving tips I use all the time!

I’m so excited about this, because if there is one thing everyone should know about me it is that I am a health nut. So much so that that was actually a nickname I had in high school. :D

I love eating amazing, nutritious, wholesome foods, and try to buy organic as much I can, so you can imagine how stoked I was when almost everything I found was organic.


The store that I went to is the only local health food store in my town, and it is, unfortunately, going out of business. How sad is that?! The ONLY real health store we have is now going to be no longer.

2018-09-22 02.45.17 3.jpg

The only upside to this situation is everything in the store was 50% off. If any of you have every shopped for organic/healthy/gluten free/natural then you know how expensive it can be. So you bet when I heard everything was half off, I jumped my behind in the car and buzzed down there.

I proceeded to spend roughly 45 minutes in the store searching through every shelf and mason jar to make sure I didn’t miss out on anything! On top of the sale, they were also selling those big mason jars for $1 if you bought the rest of what was in the jar. Killer deal if you ask me!

Here is everything I found! 

Stevia Leaf Powder

Carob Powder

Vanilla Extract Powder

Curry Powder


Bay Leaf

Black Tea

Liquid Stevia

Whole Rosemary

Xanthum Gum

Barley Grass Powder

Ground Mustard

Black Pepper

Coconut Sugar

Pumpkin Seeds

Amaranth Grain

Mung Beans

Trail Mix

Omega 3 6 9 Vitamins

Balanced Minerals Megafood Vitamins

Now, I know that this is a more rare scenario, but there are ways you can save money at your local health stores, too!

Here are some of my top tips I use to save money while shopping.

#1 Buy What’s On Sale

This is something that can be difficult with some items, but I know that the majority of what you buy can be traded out for other items. Doing this will not only save you money, but will also help you spice things up in the kitchen and create new recipes. I know for me, when I find foods I like I will eat them seven days a week for breakfast lunch and dinner, so this tip has really helped me try new recipes and add for variety into my life, while also saving some money.

#2 Shop At Other Stores

I don’t know about you, but when I find one or two stores that I like I will get into a routine of only shopping at those two stores for anything I need, but staying open minded to finding deals at other stores can really save a pretty penny. Just the other day I was in target and found a few items I normally would buy somewhere else and it ended up saving me almost $5. I know that may not sound like much, but do that with ten items and you could save up to $25 a week.

#3 Buy In Bulk

This is a tip that can sway in two directions, but works amazing for both.

The first is that buying in bulk allows you to buy exactly the amount you need, nothing more nothing less. This can help keep costs lower and keep food from going into the garbage at the end of the week.

The second is that you can buy a lot of something, because the price will generally be cheaper the more you buy at once. This works exceptionally well if you have lots of mouths to feed or it is something like rice or beans that has a long shelf life.

#3 Make A List

Having a list made BEFORE heading into the store works wonders for keeping you from buying things you don’t need. Plan out your meals for the week then make a list of everything you don’t already have in the cupboard. Going into the store and having it already laid out for you will keep you from feeling like you need those delicious $5 bag of chips, because you have delicious meals planned out already. So do yourself a favor and make a list.

#4 Never Go Shopping While Hungry

I think that most of you have probably heard this one before, but its so crucial for helping you save money and not buying unnecessary things. When you’re hungry, everything in sight looks amazing. This just happened to me while I was shopping with Cole. I hadn’t ate in hours and I was running up and down the aisles yelling to him how much everything looked sooooo good. Thank goodness he was there or I probably would have bought the entire store! Lol.

So whether you keep snacks stored in your purse/car/pockets or eat a meal before heading out, it will help you save money and keep you from buying junk food.

#5 Shop Once A Week and Only on Weekdays

It’s tried and true that if you only go to the store once a week you will spend less money. It is also a fact that stores will bump their prices on the weekends and not have as many sales knowing that most families do their grocery shopping on these days. I know it isn’t possible for some, but if you can find an hour or two one night during the week, it will help save your wallet.

I know that these are only basic tips for helping you save money on groceries, but as a young twenty-one year old just starting out in life they have helped me save tons of money. Learning to buy what I really need and skipping out on things I just want is what has really helped. If I am craving a cookie or something special I won’t hesitate to go out and get it, but just not making a habit of it every day is what is important.

If you stuck around to the end, thanks for reading and I hope these tips helped you!