In order to break the ice a little bit and for you guys to get to know me a little better, here are some fun facts I thought you would enjoy. :)

  • My full name is Kendall Brooke Kirkland. No, I'm not related to Kendall Ford and, no, I am not related to Costco (as much as I wish I was)

  • I grew up with 3 brothers and I have acquired 2 step-brothers along the way.

  • I used to make mud pies from our sandbox and eat them with a stick. (not kidding)

  • I absolutely love to learn, and honestly miss going to school.

  • I work full time

  • I am twenty-one years old

  • My favorite animal is a horse with second being a dog (although my dog would beg to differ)

  • I love to hike, fish, camp, shoot guns, or anything outdoors.

  • Guitar is my favorite instrument

  • One of my favorite pass times is to clean - call me crazy, but it's so satsfying.